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      Refrigeration System

      Shanghai Kaishan Refrigeration System Technology Co., Ltd. is a member of Kaishan Group, and is devoted to the research and promotion of energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and highly-efficient refrigeration systems.  With its complete machinery manufacturing system and powerful design team, the company is able to integrate development and production of compressors, engineering design and installation of refrigeration system and design and manufacturing of refrigeration assemblies and heat exchange to give its customers, full suite of tailored refrigeration and energy-saving solution.


        Construction work accepted: Refrigeration systems for large and medium-sized medium temperature cold storage and low-temperature cold storage; refrigeration systems for poultry and livestock slaughterhouse, high- and low-temperature meat processing plants, and fast-frozen food factories; super low-temperature refrigeration systems for cold storage for beer, beverage and dairy factories and those for chemical and pharmaceutical factories. Main products include: ammonia refrigeration compressor assembly, ammonia barrel pump skid assembly, ammonia board cold module assembly, fluorine parallel refrigeration compressor assembly, fluorine parallel compressor-barrel pump skid integrated assembly, carbon dioxide parallel refrigeration unit assembly and carbon dioxide barrel pump skid unit assembly.

      Industrial Refrigeration

        Kaishan’s industrial refrigeration supplies refrigeration equipment required for industrial processes. Its industrial refrigeration equipment and assembly can be tailored according to user’s process (such as refrigeration volume, processing medium and system format), special equipment (such as protection and corrosion prevention, resistance to explosion of hazardous gas, electric/meters etc.) or relevant standards. Kaishan even provides optimized system solutions to customers.

        Kaishan’s industrial refrigeration also supplies standard equipment assemblies specially developed for industrial refrigeration applications. They consist of screw compressor assemblies, compressed condensing equipment assemblies, brine machine assemblies and containers etc.

        Kaishan’s screw compressor assembly can be used with all types of ammonia and Freon refrigerants, as well as propane and propylene media. It is highly efficient and energy-saving, saving 10% or more of electricity compared with similar class products. As such it is the first choice for energy-saving products.

        Kaishan’s standard brine machine assembly consists of two series: semi-hermetic screw compressor and open screw compressor. Their evaporating temperature essentially covers all mid- to low-temperature working conditions required in industrial refrigeration, and their refrigeration volume covers the majority of requirements for industrial refrigeration. Brine can be ethylene glycol or calcium chloride solutions.

        Application of industrial refrigeration products:

        Chemical industry: Synthetic ammonia and fertilizers, fluorine chemical, chlor-alkali, organic silicon and PVC chemical etc.
        Petrochemical: Synthetic plastics, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber