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      Stationary Air Compressor

      Kaishan boasts a comprehensive line of compressor products including piston compressor, screw compressor and centrifugal compressor. They provide highly-efficient and reliable air power for steel, textile, cement, power-generation, chemical and machinery manufacturing industries. With a power range of 4kW~4000kW they are able to meet the needs for production of all sorts of scale. Its full spectrum of screw compressors meet Chinese national standards for energy-saving products, with high-end series achieving Grade 1 energy efficiency and Super Grade 1 energy efficiency.

        Reciprocating air compressor

      • Power range:2.2~30kW
      • Capacity:0.3~3m3/min
      • Discharge pressure:0.8~40bar

        Screw air compressor

      • Power range:4~400kW
      • Capacity:0.5~100m3/min
      • Discharge pressure:1.5~13bar

        Centrifugal air compressor

      • Power range:200~4000kW
      • Capacity:40~800m3/min
      • Discharge pressure:2~10bar

      Portable Air Compressor

      Kaishan’s portable compressors include piston-type and screw portable compressors. They can be driven by electric motor and diesel generators. Kaishan is also able to supply explosion-proof portable compressors. As an innovator in China’s portable screw compressors, its portable compressors represent world-class technology and quality, qualities which allow the company to provide high-quality products and services to fields such as oil and gas exploration, well-drilling, pipeline construction, mine drilling and blasting, water well drilling, infrastructural facility construction, market maintenance and OEM. Kaishan’s portable screw compressor gives outstanding work performance and is capable of meeting a wide range of construction needs. Its screw unit with its high compressor ratio and branded motor with significant power, air volume control system which meets numerous requirements and highly-effective cooling system all give the compressor outstanding performance and high reliability.

        Portable reciprocating compressor (including electric-driven and diesel-driven)

      • Capacity:1.5~13m3/min
      • Discharge pressure:5~7bar

        Portable screw compressor (including motor-driven and diesel-driven)

      • Capacity:2.5~39 m3/min
      • Discharge pressure:7~40bar


      Kaishan possesses highly-effective oil-free screw blower and single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower. The former features high efficiency and low noise, and hence can replace traditional Roots blowers, while the latter is capable of meeting the need for large air volume in certain applications, thus providing highly-effective solution. Kaishan blowers are widely used in wastewater treatment, desulfurization and denitration, textile, pneumatic conveyance and fluidization technologies etc.

        Oil Free Screw Blower

      • Power range:4~185kW
      • Capacity:4~100m3/min
      • Discharge pressure:0.3~1.2bar

        Single stage centrifugal blower

      • Power range:120~4000kW
      • Capacity:80~1400m3/min
      • Discharge pressure:0.7~1.9bar