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      Energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies

      Kaishan possesses world-class compressor technologies, including “Y-series” compressors developed by world-renowned compressor expert Dr. Tang Yan, offer world-leading efficiency and significantly raising the energy efficiency of air compressors and refrigerating compressors, while also reducing the volume of carbon dioxide emission. Its screw expander power-generation technologies include direct expansion using residual pressure and organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) expansion power-generation, capable of fully using low-grade heat energy such as residual heat and residual pressure generated during production to generate power, thereby reducing wastage of heat energy and also effectively reducing emission of carbon dioxide. Screw expansion power-generation technologies can also be applied to new and recyclable energy sources such as geothermal, optical heat and biological energy, thus reducing reliance on fossil energy. All these constitute contribution to energy-saving and carbon-emission in China and even around the world.

      Green energy lifestyle

      Kaishan is currently undergoing major transitional period, during which it will transform itself from a major compressor manufacturer into a green energy company. By leveraging on its world-leading screw compressor power-generation technology, Kaishan is developing on a large scale, geothermal power generation plants, residual heat power generation plants and biological energy power generation plants. Kaishan’s proprietary “one well, one station” technological path proves effective in that it reduces investment, shortens development cycle and more conveniently enables large-scale development of geothermal resources. In the future more and more users will be able to truly use green energy.

      Environmental Management System

      Environmental Policies

      With respect to its environmental policies Kaishan has taken into consideration numerous factors. Thus the policies set out the correct outlines and direction for its environmental management work. They also provide the framework for its organization, establishment and assessment of its environmental targets and indicators.

      Kaishan has always placed environmental protection as an important component of its corporate development strategy. It stresses the production of safe, environmentally friendly, “green” compressor products in order to meet higher requirements of the society and consumers. While supplying customers with high-quality products and services, Kaishan also spares no effort in protecting the natural environment and achieve sustainable development as part of its on-going effort to become an environmentally-friendly enterprise.

      Environmental-protection Measures

      1.Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;

      2.Prevention of pollution by strengthening environmental management in all aspects of its production and operation including introduction, research, procurement, production and sales, thereby preventing, reducing or controlling adverse impact on the environment;

      3.Strengthened management of resources and energy and reducing consumption of resources as well as achieving hazardless and reduced volume for waste;

      4.Effective control of wastewater, waste gas, and hazardous chemicals to continuously reduce environmental liability and risk;

      5.Ascertain the environmental responsibility of the company’s respective departments, and fostering the environmental awareness and ability of all employees;

      6.Strengthened communication with the government, suppliers, contractors, users and the public to encourage implementation of effective environmental protection by the relevant parties.

      Green and Environmental-protection Ideals

      Kaishan spares no effort in promoting the development of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products in accordance with the requirements of scientific development concepts such as to achieve sustainable and low-carbon development. In this way it is able to build quality environmentally-friendly and energy-saving compressors, fulfilling its responsibility of creating an environmentally-friendly society.

      As a result of years of effort, power generated annually by new energy now covers compressors produced by it, thus becoming a true zero-carbon enterprise.